Keeping your car clean is as easy as using an app. Because we built an app that let’s you book a wash, anytime, anywhere.

The Challenge

Digitus Data was given a blank statement: “create an app to allow a car wash to be scheduled to any address”. The car detailing industry doesn’t have a good record for transparency. Potential customers don’t have a standardized directory that allows them to book a personalized car wash based on their location, locations weather, vehicle size, and desired service.

The Solution

A mobile-only car wash platform with a network of vetted detailers, servicing the Tampa Bay Area and Pinellas County. Automated booking based on predefined schedules set by detailers. Messaging between customer and detailer, including text notifications, routed through Twilio API. Cashless payment processing utilizing Stripe API, with a detailer payout every 2 days. Weather integration to minimize booking cancellations. And an administrative backend to help manage the entire business as it expands.

The Customer comes first

All features are tailored for an unparalleled customer experience. Unlike the competition, customers were able to know exactly what times were available to book, including instant on-demand booking. A predefined database of vehicles allowed for easy selection, which would factor in the vehicle size and shape to calculate an accurate service price.

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