“Digitus Data has helped us expand to multiple locations by creating a platform that our business now relies on 100%”

The Challenge

"Paperflare" is one of the fastest growing bidding platforms, processing more than 10 times the amount of inventory a week compared to their competitors. Keeping track of all inventory listed and sold is crucial. Employees should be able to process invoices at any given time, creating a seamless experience for the customer.

The Solution

Digitus Data was given the go-ahead to architect and lead an internal project called "Paperflare", with the premise that all business workflows should be initiated, tracked, and managed digitally rather than be separated between physical paper trails and spreadsheets.

A centralized management platform

Digitus Data worked to equip "Paperflare" with a platform of tools with the goal of increasing their workflow reliability and productivity. We built an administrative management dashboard, an iOS app that is integrated with a barcode scanning case, as well as connecting to legacy APIs to bring their third-party platforms up to speed.

Streamlined customer experience

Digitus Data helped simplify the customer checkout flow by assigning tasks to warehouse employees once a customer was ready to pick-up their purchased items. Front-desk employees are able to initiate a pick-up and track which items are being picked up. Customers can then sign off on the pickup, completing the respective invoices.

Easy item returns & refunds

At times when an item return is requested, the customer is given the option of receiving store credit or a cash refund. Digitus Data helped track items being returned, allowing them to be properly relisted online, restocked, and their activity tracked until finally sold.

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