A personal dine-in assistant, designed to make dining out as easy and fun as ever

The Challenge

Roux aims to provide users a way to order their food directly from their phone, while maintaining the social aspect of sharing their food selection with the table group. After the meal is over, Roux provides a quick way to split and pay the bill.

The Solution

Digitus Data was tasked with architecting the backend, integrating with the restaraunts POS, create a restaurant admin dashboard, and build a mobile app for the end user. The UX was revamped from the original developers, and the UI was retouched and modernized.

Menu item management

Digitus Data built a complete menu management system that can integrate with existing POS systems with ease. Since the menu is something the end user will look at first, we made sure that it was an easy and pleasant experience from browsing to closing out the tab.

Intelligent grouping

Digitus Data created a custom QR code solution to assign unique table IDs and let all members of the group join effortlessly.

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