A timesheet management platform specifically tailored to the security industry

The Challenge

Managing timesheet submissions can be a hassle, especially for industries in which employees are mobile and can move around different locations within a scheduled work period. Collecting paper timesheets and filing them correctly is time consuming and prone to errors.

The Solution

In today's mobile-first world, nearly all employees have a phone running either Android or iOS. Digitus Data created a platform that allows organizations to manage timesheets submitted from employees servicing multiple clients across various sites (aka multi-client multi-site timesheet app called TIMETRI).

Knowing your industry

Digitus Data studied the security industry, where managers often struggle to collect accurate timesheets while balancing scheduling and client reporting. The result was a platform that allows organizations to clearly define who their clients are, where their work sites are located, and provide a tool for employees to submit accurate work log at the end of a work period.

Timesheet Signatures

When an employee manually submits a timesheet, a legal disclaimer can be customized and required to be read before the submission is final. Capturing the employees signature assures that the disclaimer was reviewed carefully.

Digital IDs

Many companies are required to provide an ID card to their employees. Digitus Data created a process to assign and revoke employee ID cards, allowing the manager and employee to sign off in order for the final issue to be complete. Digital IDs are securely stored and associated with an organization's account, with the ability for anyone to verify them through the TIMETRI website.

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